iQ, Brain healthy, Nut Free, Chocolate – Beyond Raw

We make super-delicious brain healthy, nut free, chocolate from bean-to-bar.

Nut Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Soya Free, in fact our chocolate is free from all 14 allergens, and it is low on the Glyceamic index. In addition it is:

High in fibre

High in copper – maintains connective tissues, contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolisem, maintains the normal function of the nervous system, maintains skin and hair pigmentation, maintains normal function of the immune system and protects DNA proteins and lipids from oxidative damage.

High in manganese – contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, maintains bones, contributes to normal formation of connective tissue and fatty acids

High in phosphorus – contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, function of cell membranes, and maintenance of bone and teeth

A source of magnesium – contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, energy yielding metabolism, neurotransmission and muscle contraction (including heart muscle), protein synthesis, contributes to normal psychological functions, maintenance of bones, maintenance of teeth and cell division.

A source of iron – contributing to cell division, normal cognitive function, normal formation of red blood cells, oxygen transport, normal function of the immune system, and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Nut free assurance – The importer we use, also handles other organic goods for us, and have stringent organic and allergen processes. The freight company used also have systems and processes which operate within the requirement of organic and allergen regulations. We hold certifications from the producer, the freight company, and the importer, which are assurances against cross-contamination risks. We do not store any allergens on site, and there are no nuts allowed on the premises.  We also have processes in place to avoid cross contamination throughout our supply chain.  These processes are checked regularly by our local environmental health department. Also, we have an annual organic audit, which sees us review all processes and documentation annually.  This also incorporates our allergen free documentation and processes.

iQ’s beans are specially selected from the Rio Negro Valley, Satipo region in Peru, where they have retained their genuine Criollo varieties. It’s a rare and revered bean, which is often mixed with other varieties, or confused with hybrids claiming to be Criollo. At iQ we ONLY use the organically-grown, ethically-sourced pure Criollo, and the flavour is intoxicating.

We work hard to retain the goodness of the bean. That means in addition to no roasting, we have examined all steps of our process to test and preserve those valuable nutritional properties.  All beans are fermented at source; then cleaned, sun dried, and bagged to ensure they are bursting with flavour. They are then ground at iQ HQ deep in the Scottish countryside. This is beyond raw, and the ONLY way to retain the nutrients of the bean.

iQ’s sublime flavours; the limes, peppermint, coffee, raspberries, oranges, are organic, sustainably sourced, all-natural unprocessed tastes of goodness, added to the chocolate after grinding, for exquisite taste. The real deal.

To keep things uber-natural, and adding to the health benefits, we add to the brilliant gorgeousness of the chocolate by sweetening with organic coconut blossom nectar; itself a SuperFood – especially high in Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron; a delightfully natural source of the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. It’s also very rich in other minerals and enzymes which aid in the slow absorption into the bloodstream, it is low GI and tested to be suitable for diabetics type 1 and 2. It’s so good for you it’s a no-brainer.

So we, the team at IQ bring our discerning customers our ingenious, crafted, health-boosting, antioxidant, utterly delicious taste of heaven. In a variety of vibrant flavours. Enjoy and share, and do so guilt-free.

Typical values per 100g per bar
Energy 2344kj 820kj
565 kcal 197 kcal
Protein 9.3g 3.2g
Carbohydrate 32.6g 11.4g
of which: sugars 19.9g 7.0g
Fat 44.1g 15.4g
of which: saturates 26.3g 9.2g
Fibre 8.7g 3.0g
Sodium 0.1g Trace
per 100g %RDA
Copper 1.7mg 173%
Manganese 1.8mg 90%
Phosphorus 863mg 81%
Magnesium 191mg 51%
Potassium 573mg 28%
Zinc 3.1mg 31%